The Finest Resort – Playa Mujeres

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Spent a beautiful week at The Finest Resort, Playa Mujeres, México. One thing I noticed was that any photo alone simply didn’t capture the spectacular view and ambiance of the resort. One afternoon we decided to take a break on the top deck and just enjoy the space (under a little shade of course).

I love how this 360 video captures the tropical breeze, the other vacationers enjoying the water and the beauty of the resort itself. The pool deck of the suite was impressive too, and this video showcases that space as well – be sure to click-drag in the video to get the full view.

If you’re ever looking to capture the full feel of an environment in addition to the layout, I prefer 360 video for that. And time-lapse is a great way to compress that into a more view-able experience.

Note: Make sure you change the settings to 4K to get the best quality.