Harnessing Generative AI For Photography: Uncover the Magic of Modern Retouching

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Retouching is an art form that has long been at the heart of professional photography, and is essential to producing a high quality professional shoot. The best retouching isn’t noticeable in the finished project – unless you see them side-by-side with the original. Today, I am excited to highlight a few retouching examples for a recent location shoot I did for the new MAM Resale Store location in the Heights, Houston TX.

Transforming Interiors: AI Retouching vs Traditional Methods

Consider the case of an interior photoshoot. The room is set and arranged, but alas, some distracting elements lie in the room – a stray reflection, a misplaced sign, or something else. In the pre-AI era, removing these elements was a meticulous task, requiring hours of careful work using tools like the clone stamp or healing brush in Photoshop.

In this scene, when you’re in person you tend to not notice the unfinished concrete floors, but in the photos, it draws your eye away from the product showcases. With AI retouching, these distractions can be eliminated to better reflect the in-person experience. (Removing the thermostat on the wall was a decision to help with the legibility of the statement when someone is browsing through the photos, as that is more important for the viewer.)

Redefining Exteriors: Removing Visual Obstacles with AI

Let’s consider this scenario: you’re shooting an exterior, a vibrant mural providing the perfect backdrop. However, an unwanted car is parked right in front, disrupting the beauty of the mural. Traditional methods would call for painstaking work, removing the car piece by piece while simultaneously recreating the blocked parts of the mural.

Enter AI. Today’s AI retouching tools use complex algorithms to understand the scene’s context, accurately predicting and recreating the obscured mural (for the most part). The car is then removed, leaving a cleaner image of the mural – in a fraction of the time.

The end result is a clean picture to help depict both the beauty of the mural, and the proximity of the parking lot to the building (for those familiar with the Heights in Houston, that is a benefit indeed.)

Using AI to Your Advantage

I’ve started incorporating AI into my workflow as this helps improve the final images, and helps me to deliver on tight deadlines.

As a professional photographer who has fully embraced the power of AI retouching, I’m eager to bring this advanced level of precision and artistry to your next photoshoot. No more distractions, no more unwanted elements – just pure, breathtaking photographs of your location. Reach out to talk about your next project.