“Why Join Members Choice Credit Union? #MCCUCares”

For the 2019-2020 Katy ISD Football season, Members Choice Credit Union needed a 30-second commercial to play on the scoreboard during every game hosted at the Legacy Stadium. With branches in the local Katy, West Houston and Cy-Fair areas, the client wanted to share their active support in the community – sharing their “time, talent and treasure” – and why it’s so important. Knowing that families attending stadium games might not have awareness of the variety of non-profits the organization supports, it was important to include as many logos and photos as possible within the commercial. That did pose some timing challenges, so an upbeat music bed was chosen to help keep pace with the quick builds and tradition. 

The client provided the storyboard and visuals, while we created the pacing with the narration and music. The client also loved the extra transition in the beginning from the live footage to the logo screen, which re-enforced the overall message of loving the local community. Even given the timeframe (the commercial was needed to be done within a couple of days to meet the season opener), we added the custom masking on the transition to go the extra mile with this video and have as much impact as possible.