Zoom F2-BT

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The Zoom F2-BT 32 bit recorder has several advantages for recording audio for client videos:

  1. High-quality audio: The F2-BT features 32-bit floating-point recording, which captures a wider dynamic range than traditional 24-bit recording. This means that the audio captured by the F2-BT is less likely to clip or distort during loud passages, and it provides more detail and clarity in soft passages.
  2. Compact and portable: The F2-BT is a small and lightweight recorder that can be easily carried in a pocket or attached to a belt. This makes it ideal for location recording where mobility is important.
  3. Wireless connectivity: The F2-BT includes Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to wirelessly connect to a smartphone or tablet for remote control and monitoring. This can be particularly useful when recording in tight spaces where the recorder may need to be positioned out of reach.
  4. Timecode support: The F2-BT can accept external timecode via its 3.5mm input jack. This allows it to be synchronized with other audio and video equipment on set, ensuring that all footage is in sync and making post-production editing easier.

Overall, the Zoom F2-BT 32 bit recorder is an excellent choice for recording high-quality audio for client videos, offering a compact and portable design, dual-channel recording, wireless connectivity, and timecode support.