Cooking with Louise, now in its sixth season, is a YouTube Channel to support an independent consultant for Pampered Chef grow her business.

One challenge with YouTube channels is that it isn’t just about the content, but also about the personality of the YouTuber as well. For Louise, we let some of her natural personality shine by including outtakes, editing in some fun transitions, and intentionally keeping in some of her less-than-perfect lines rather than reshooting them. Her audience wants to see in video the same upbeat personality they get when they see her in person, or at one of her hosted events.

Before each videoshoot, we have a short conversation in advance to discuss the video topic, and whether it will be a product promotion or instructional video, as that helps inform the storyboard and equipment setup. During the shoot, we’ll use elements such as a slider to create subtle movement and add interest, or overhead or closeup shots to provide different angles for editing.

We provide Louise with all of the fully-edited videos for posting on her channel, along with some promo video vignettes that she can use on social to promote her channel. We worked collaboratively on the keywords and descriptions to ensure search-ability on YouTube. Additionally, we include the intro and outdo bumpers in the video to help link to the channel and her site, as well as any featured

This channel is setup to monetize for YouTube advertising revenue, in addition to driving traffic to her site. Louise frequently gets recognition from her peers, and at Pampered Chef events, on her professional videos to build her brand as an independent consultant.

Behind the scenes image:
Kessler Crane 4′ Stealth Slider w/ Second Shooter Plus and Parallax attachment
Sony A99II