Good location photography is a powerful tool for brand storytelling. It aids in building an better online presence, boosts visibility on Google Business, and enhances social media engagement. A well-captured set of location images can convey the essence of your brand and resonate with your audience in ways words alone cannot.

In the competitive world of retail, compelling photographs can be the difference between a customer choosing your store or scrolling past. Our location photography for the MAM Resale store in the Houston Heights aimed to capture the vibrant and recognizable exterior, the quality of the resale store merchandise, and the large parking lot (a rarity in the Heights). These photos help invite potential customers to explore, engage, and experience the store for themself.

We worked to showcase the store layout, as well as the convenient parking located just outside of the building. Facing a beautiful painted mural, this portion of the store is an easily spotted landmark for those in the area.

Join us in celebrating this unique retail destination and visit them online or in person.

Read our blog post for more details on using AI in the retouching process.